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Chapter 670 - Awakening Ceremony

In fact, Qi Stones of this level only existed in rumors. No one here had ever seen one in their lives because they were too precious and too potent to be used like them.

What did a salaryman have to do with a ball of dark matter? It would be a waste on the likes of him, rather causing a disaster than bringing him superpowers or any of that nonsense.

The official placed the 9th grade Qi Stone in the slot and the entire array lit up like a heavenly phenomenon. Everyone by the side watched with awe and fascination, their expressions filled with reverence for something they had never seen before.

"Activate the array!" One of the officials roared, and this command was instantly carried out. Immediately, beautiful blue energy wafted into the body of Ao Shangtian, its thickness so strong that even the most common layman could see it.

One thing about Qi was that it was only visible to those who could use it. So those fancy cultivation fights that occurred in the skies were simply two r.e.t.a.r.ds shouting overpowered technique names and pointing fingers at each other while explosions happened to the average man.

Yet this time, even a dog and cat could see it. That was how potent it was.

The moment the energy entered Shangtian's body, he trembled a little, yet the little lad did not seem to be in trouble. Rather, the officials showed expressions of shock while Lingtian laughed arrogantly.

Dante and Akihiko frowned, while Lilith displayed killing intent. As for Kiyoko, her smile became cold.

Shangtian remained like this for about three minutes until his eyes blazed open, a brown light s.h.i.+ning from them.

The image of a Primordial Giant wreathed in earth, wind, fire, and water formed behind him, roaring in an elemental voice as the world was created by its whim.

Beside it was the form of a muscular man with bronze skin who wielded a giant axe that seemed imposing enough that one wouldn't doubt its ability to cleave the universe in half.

On the other side was a fellow covered with wounds all over, but his body radiated endless vitality that even surged into the surroundings, healing the ailments of many normal people.

These three images intertwined with each other, rolling over until they formed a single yet disjointed image that crawled into Shangtian's back. At this moment, the lad opened his eyes and absorbed the rest of the energy from the 9th grade Qi Stone, making multiple breakthroughs as he entered the first realm of cultivation.

Shangtian turned around to boast to his father and show off, but his heart skipped a beat when he saw a sharp pair of nails about to gouge his heart from his chest.

Lilith had struck immediately, aiming to kill this little s.h.i.+t before he could develop into a threat to her son!

Lingtian's face changed as he roared with fear, using all his power to appear before Shangtian and block the attack for his son wi

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