LadyBunny0307 The Rise of Yi Fei
Two lives, One face. Even sharing the same blood and face is not enough for the survival of one. Zhao Yi Mei and Zhao Yi Fei was born as twins and daughter of a general but because of some prophecy, they were forced to best each other for their own survival. However, because of an unexpected result. One of them will have to dirty her hands to changer her fate. Even if it means killing her...
Strapped Dragon The Supreme Dragon Emperor
Description A young man who fell into the mortal realm from one hundred thousand year-old Forsaken Cemetery competes with Heroes from many sectors of the Heaven, creating an immortal legend. As I am born, I am the ruler of the world. 至尊龙帝
L1_a Rebirth of the strongest fusion
Our MC is reincarnated in the world of cultivation with Gogeta’s body and power. Being reincarnated has caused him to lose all his memories come along as he tries to regain his memories as he explores the cultivation world with his unbelievable power.

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